EvoLved Dating App, for an evolved dating industry!

~BETTER THAN A DATING APP! Streaming, Swiping, Gifts, Shareable Events, Promos, Coupons and Geo Fencing to back it all up!  Safety features never seen before on any app! 

Say goodbye to expensive advertising costs and wasted dollars! Get in on this multi-billion dollar industry knowing what to expect. We help all of our clients achieve success! NO HIDDEN FEES, FREE ADVERTISING, BLOCKED USER PROXIMITY ALERTS (BUPA) Our app separates you from the competition. 


Dating APP Users

Offer MORE to your members. Get *Free advertising for life on all your Events, Promos & Coupons!

Choose which app suits you best:


Our standard dating app ready for business. Ad integration just needs to be connected to your account. Make money with: ID Verification, Streaming, Gifts, Diamond purchases, Paid Ads and user Cash Withdraw. 




Our most advanced dating app. Perfect for singles groups. Post “Shareable” Events, Promos and coupons to all users. Make money with: Paid Ads, Gifts, Diamonds, Streaming, user Cash Withdraw and Event / Promo Sponsors.



Events / Promos / Coupons

Show off your “Live Event”! Perfect for any business hosting a live event, posting a promotion or even sharing coupon codes w custom design. Share events or promos with groups and let them share w/ social media or even contacts. Get FREE Advertising for life!




STREAM TO MULTIPLE USERS! Connections Anytime Anywhere

Set minimum user requirements to stream to live audiences or groups of users. Geo fencing allows for users to see streamers locally and within a set distance determined by individual users. This feature allows for more relevant content and mutual user interest and engagement. 

  • Unlimited and secure streaming

  • High-definition audio and video

  • Stream to thousands at once!

Pay as you go for user streaming options available!

We use the trusted platform known as Agora. They offer reliable pay as you go service at very affordable and discounted rates. Trusted by 10s of thousands of streaming providers, one of the best in the industry. 

  • Multi-user support

  • Available on all devices

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Multi-Purpose Streaming applications. Stream live events or just for fun Effortlessly

Say goodbye to expensive international call rates and poor connection with our unlimited streaming technology feature. 

GEO Fenced streaming. See whos near by and chat!

Connect face-to-face with your audience, and users using our high-definition video and crystal-clear audio.

See who is streaming online and connect with them

Some people just want to chat and don’t care how close they are. Our app allows local and non geo fenced streaming. Connect globally!

Experience Seamless Communication with EvoLved

Swipe left or right like Tinder or Bumble

Similar interface to other leading dating apps. Allowing easy use to new users. Slightly different to be unique but similar enough for new users to be familiar. 

Gift giving and cash our options for users.

Users can make money streaming or receiving gifts. The virtual gift giving industry pockets billions per year!

GEO Fencing allows for close contact communications

With our Geo Fencing technology, events, users and streaming are all just a click away and right around the corner.

What our members say about us

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Ready to super power your business with Streaming "Live Events"?

Experience Seamless Communication with EvoLved – Connect Instantly, Anywhere, Anytime”

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