The Dating Industry now has EvoLved~!

Our APP’s are designed to help clients achieve concrete, trackable outcomes. With our expertise and innovative approaches, we develop customized solutions that are tailored to each customer’s unique needs and goals.

Our Mission

We have a passion for Dating APPs, but we recognize that the dynamics of online dating has changed and this growing market needs a more personal touch and experience. That’s why we developed Events and Promos. Starting as an internal tool and now as a means to realize our vision of improving connectivity and profits GLOBALLY.

Our objective is to give your users a more personal experience by allowing for invites to events or promotions. These events, promos and coupons are all shareable. What this means to you as an app owner is that everytime someone shares an event on Social Media or even to just their contacts they are also sharing your app. This organic way of Advertising, boosts productivity and allows for more users to find your app.  

80% of peoples interviewed said they felt going to an event was a much more comfortable setting than meeting for a typical one on one date. Streaming events ahead of time helps grow a following and interests to these events. We aim to be the one dating app to replace all others and are grateful for the support of our team and clients who are joining forces with us as we embark on this journey of a better dating app and a better dating industry all together! 

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We offer 6 day a week online tech support.

Event Sharing

We created an APP to make it easier for business  minded people who use social media as an advertising platform to utilize the events and promos features to impact their success rates on social media and word of mouth advertising.

The APP we designed makes it easier for business people to plan events based on user engagement and followings. These small but effective campaigns allow you to set goals and analyze how impactful the results received from users social medias and users personal contacts sharing.

Analyzing this data engagement with your users will give you insight to the actual planned live event.

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What does free advertising get you?







Personal Contacts

Skies the Limit!!

Local & Global exposure online! GOOGLE PARTNERS We also specialize in online / SEO marketing. Let our expertise work for you! Events / Promos can be seen by MILLIONS!

Alexandre Prota Anavin – Evolved Founders

The Great People Behind Evolved

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Will Founder / CEO
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Jonah VP / CFO

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