EvoLved Dating App Features

Empower User Engagement with Amazing Features

The biggest complaint about dating apps it them having an overwhelming lack of a social environment and impersonal experiences. All that is a thing of the past with EvoLved’s common sense approach to the modern dating app. Invite prospects or friends using GEO Fenced Enhancement, Stream Events LIVE with UNLIMITED Users capable of Gifting or Tipping!

  • Log in with Gmail, Apple and Email

  • Create your profile with interests, image, bio, gender and other personal details

  • Explore profiles like Tinder application

  • Tap Right/left side of profile cards to change images

  • Reverse profile with coins

  • View full profile

  • Share profile

  • Delete message from the chat

  • Search profiles by interests

  • Explre profiles on map with dynamic distances

  • Find random match with gender filters

  • Apply for live streaming

  • Live streaming with Gifts and Comments

  • Fake users won’t be charged for message, reverse swipe, an live stream watch. (They can’t send gifts while streaming)

  • Block user

  • Save profile for later

  • Like/Unlike profile

  • Report Profile

  • Bluetick Verification

  • Realtime Chat with users (Text, Image, Video)

  • Push notifications on Chat Message, Profile likes & Admin

  • In-app purchase for coins

  • Manage my profile

  • Profile privacy settings

  • Submit redeem requests of coins

  • Redeem requests status

  • Coins consumption: Reverse Swipe, Chat messages, Live stream watch per minute

  • Fake users log in into app (Created from admin)


  • Dashboard with total counts

  • Check All users, Live streamers, Fake users

  • Vew users profile and edit them

  • Block users

  • Allow livestream directly from admin

  • Add Fake users with username, password, images and other details

  • Verification requests management

  • Check Reports

  • Interest management

  • Send push notifications to all users

  • Coupons can be edited for color, including font. Color wheel integration.

  • All fake users will be verified and live stream enabled by default

  • Live streaming requests management : Approve/Reject

  • Check Live streaming history

  • Redeem Request management : Approve and delete

  • Coins package management : Add, Edit, Remove

  • Gifts Management

  • Livestreaming settings : minimum users required to stream more than minimum minutes

  • Manage value of coins, Minimum threshold for redemption

  • Manage Privacy policy and terms of use Pages

  • Sharable to contacts and social media.

  • Fully customizable


  • Dashboard Showing Events

  • Dashboard Showing Promotions

  • Dashboard Showing Coupons

  • Create / Add Events

  • Create / Add Promotions

  • Create / Add Coupons

  • Edit Coupons Colors: Left, Right and Font

  • GEO Mapping / Location Sharing

  • Create "AFFILIATE" Logins (MONETIZE!)

  • Manage, Edit, Remove Affiliate Content

  • Set Expiration of Events, Promos, Coupons

  • See User Share Stats from Social Media


~Money talks and the rest walks...~

We’ve made the app now its time for you to make the money! With our free advertising on your behalf and our revolutionary in person and event sharing modules success is just around the corner. Our dedicated staff are always here to help you in anyway. Your success is our success!




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best dating app ever

With live streaming Events & Promos you can't help but captivate your audience!

Imagine getting paid to advertise your own products. Thats literally what we have done. We’ve realized a dream for small to big business owners, allowing freedom of advertising while making money simultaneously. We understand business is tough and we’re here to help!



Frequently asked questions

Will the APP be live while I finance?

Of course! We want you out there making money! We will be essentially hosting the app until its payed off. Upon payoff we offer a complimentary transfer by one of our dedicated IT staff to your dedicated associated accounts.

Do I have to use your streaming service?

We offer 2 types of platforms that come with the app.  Pay as you go with https://www.agora.io/en/pricing/ or use one of our unlimited streaming options. Based on user count not minutes. You will save thousands of percents just using our platform 🙂

Do I own the app?

If you buy the app without financing, its 100% yours. If you finance the app, ownership will be transferred to you upon your final payment. All files will be delivered and existing files or articles associated once the final payment is made. 

Is this considered a loan if I finance?

No, this is not a loan, simply a payment plan with 0% interest to help you get started. 

Do I need collateral to get a loan?

Absolutely not. Your word and dedication is good enough for us! 

Will my credit score affect my loan application?

Absolutely not! We run no credit checks and offer 0% finance rates, making it easy for you to get in on this booming multi billion dollar industry today!